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Signs You Need Brake Repair

When to Visit the Experts

If you understand your vehicle’s brakes, then you know that you never want to drive past the point where they are worn out. Paying attention to your vehicle can help you determine when it’s time for repair with Aubrey Automotive Repair Center in Aubrey, Texas!


Do you hear squeaking when you slow down? The sound is probably coming from your vehicle’s brakes. When the brake pads wear low, they squeak. That’s your alert to seek professional brake repair soon, before the pads wear out completely! Brake pads function as a buffer between the discs and calipers, undergoing immense friction throughout their lifespan. They will inevitably wear out. It’s just a question of when!


Does the noise you hear while stopping sound more like metal-on-metal grinding? That’s an indication that you’ve waited too long to replace the brake pads. They are likely entirely worn out, leaving the brake discs and calipers to scrape against each other. This is extremely bad for the long-term health of your braking system. If you don’t act soon, you may experience brake failure or face a large repair bill!

Spongy Pedal

What does it feel like when you press your brake pedal? It should feel firm and responsive. It shouldn’t take much pressure to engage the brakes. If you have to push the pedal close to the floor to get any response from the braking system, you are likely dealing with a spongy pedal. This is caused by air trapped in the system and requires a quick bleed from the professionals to correct. It’s best to handle this issue as soon as possible, as it’s dangerous to drive without fully responsive brakes!

Brake Failure

The last sign of brake problems is a complete failure — when your car doesn’t stop despite the pressure that you apply to the brake pedal. Please don’t let it get to this stage before seeking professional attention! Ignoring brake problems is risky for you, your passengers, and your vehicle. Avoid complications caused by brake failure by getting repairs as soon as possible.

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