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Car Inspection in Aubrey, TX

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Comprehensive Auto Inspections

In the automotive industry, one of the things that many of our customer’s value is quality information. They want to know what’s going on with their vehicle and how our services can fix the issue. At Aubrey Automotive Repair Center in Aubrey, Texas, we want to provide you with all the information you need, and we ensure that in the form of our comprehensive car inspections. Our ASE Master Certified technicians utilize their years of experience and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to scan your vehicle for any issues or concerns properly. They’ll provide you with all the information you need so you can make the best decision for your car!

When You Need an Inspection

Car inspections are an essential part of vehicle ownership, as they allow you to navigate the roads of Texas legally and gives you an indication of your vehicle’s status. Not sure when exactly you’ll need a car inspection? Here are a few instances where a check can be useful for both you and your vehicle!

State Safety Inspection

Every year, Texas vehicle owners are required to renew the registration on their vehicle. For that to happen, one step they must fulfill is to have their vehicle go through the State Safety Inspection. At our facility, we provide just that. We’ll be able to repair and inspect your vehicle all in one convenient location. If you fail, we’ll work with you to ensure that your car is ready and passes during reinspection!

Something’s Wrong

When something concerning happens to your vehicle, like hearing a strange sound or seeing the check engine light, it’s crucial for you to understand what’s going on. For that to happen, you’ll need professional diagnostic equipment and a trained eye, which isn’t available for many vehicle owners. By bringing your vehicle in for a car inspection, our technicians are quickly able to determine what the problem is with your car. Instead of assumptions, our team can provide you with concrete facts that you can use to make the appropriate decision.

Schedule an Inspection Today!

Is your vehicle due for its annual safety inspection? Maybe it’s experiencing problems, and you’re unsure of what they are? Regardless of what your needs may be, make sure you schedule a car inspection with Aubrey Automotive Repair Center in Aubrey, Texas. Our ASE Master Certified technicians utilize top-of-the-line diagnostic equipment and industry standard service techniques to properly inspect your vehicle and ensure everything is in working order. We’ll provide you with all the information you need, so you know what to do next for your vehicle! Give us a call at (940) 365-1002 to schedule your next inspection today! We also accept walk-in customers, so feel free to visit us on 800 S. Hwy 377 at a time convenient for you!